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Wake Up to Sleep Apnea Therapy at Long Family Dental

March 15, 2015

474189791 (1)Good morning! How’d you sleep? Did you have sweet dreams or do you have memories of someone shouting, “stop snoring”? Are you refreshed and ready to start the day when the alarm goes off, or do you need to hit the snooze button a few times? If you snore and snooze, then you may have a condition called sleep apnea. Long Family Dental, with offices in Midlothian, TX, and Cleburne, TX, can help you get a good night’s sleep with sleep apnea therapy.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that causes breathing to temporarily cease during sleep. This may happen 100s—yes, 100s—of times a night. In addition to snoring, other symptoms might include awakening with a gasp for breath; daytime exhaustion; morning headaches or sore throat; and compromised concentration and motor coordination. In fact, some auto accidents can be attributed to sleep apnea. And beyond these symptoms, sleep apnea has also been connected to other ailments including high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, obesity and low infant birth weight.

Sleep Apnea Therapy from Long Family Dental

Dr. Robert Long and Dr. Chris Long treat sleep apnea with SomnoDent®. SomnoDent is an oral appliance that is custom made according to our specifications after a thorough evaluation. This comfortable and flexible oral appliance is worn at night to shift your lower jaw forward and maintain an open airway while you sleep. Our dentists work closely with your personal physician to diagnose and prescribe the proper treatment for you.  If you have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have tried a CPAP machine but haven’t been able to stick with it, then ask Dr. Long or Dr. Long about SomnoDent.

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If you suspect that you or a loved one might need sleep apnea therapy, then call Long Family Dental to schedule a consultation. We serve patients in Midlothian, TX, and Cleburne, TX, as well as the surrounding communities of Waxahachie, Red Oak, Mansfield and Cedar Hill and beyond.