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Wisdom Tooth Extractions - Cleburne, TX

Safe & Relieving Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The wisdom teeth are extracted more often than not for most people, and getting this done usually causes a lot of hassle for patients as they are forced to visit an outside specialist. Instead, at Long Family Dental, we’re able to perform this procedure in-house so you can get the care you need without having to leave Cleburne. Whether for yourself or your teen, you can trust our team to make wisdom tooth extractions in Cleburne, TX stress-free from beginning to end.

Why Choose Long Family Dental for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

Why Are the Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Young woman smiling after wisdom tooth extraction

The wisdom teeth are usually the last set of teeth to come in, and they normally try to erupt around the late teens or early twenties. The keyword there is “try,” as most people simply don’t have enough room in their mouth to accommodate them. This can lead to all sorts of problems as they struggle to push through the gum tissue. Patients can experience pain towards the back of the jaw, feel pressure on their other teeth, and even develop an infection that reaches all the way down to the jawbone.

Whenever a patient comes to see us for a routine checkup, we always keep a close eye on their wisdom teeth. That way, we can remove them at the perfect time before they cause any of the issues we mentioned above. Or, for patients already experiencing strife, we can quickly schedule an appointment so they can get the relief they need right away.

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