Periodontal Therapy in Midlothian & Cleburne

At Long Family Dental, we are dedicated to restoring your gum health with our periodontal therapy options. We offer both traditional therapy, also called root scaling and planing, and laser periodontal therapy in Midlothian. For patients who live in and around our community, we check your gums as part of your regular checkup. If we spot any problems, we may recommend periodontal therapy. Keep reading to learn more about the condition known as periodontitis and its treatment.

About Gum Disease and Its Treatment

The gums, ligaments, and bone around the teeth form the foundation for your teeth. These structures are also referred to as the periodontium. When the periodontium is not healthy, it jeopardizes the teeth -- just as a bad foundation would threaten the stability of a house.

Signs you may be suffering from gum disease, or periodontitis, include the following:

  • Gums that are red and bleed easily (especially after brushing and flossing)
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Gums that have pulled away from the tooth (gum recession)
  • Loose teeth occur in later stages of the condition
  • Changes in the position of the bite

With the proper care, it may be possible to return your gums to a healthy state with periodontal therapy. If you suspect you or a loved one are having a problem with your gum health, please come in and see us at Long Family Dental. We can evaluate your oral health and take care of your gum disease right away.

Health Concerns

In addition to the negative impact gum disease has on your teeth, research indicates there are many health conditions linked to unhealthy gums.  These include heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, just to name a few.  Gum disease also has a negative effect on pregnancy such as premature birth and low birth weight.  Your overall health is another reason it is so important to maintain optimal oral health.

How Periodontal Therapy Works

Periodontal therapy can alleviate discomfort from inflammation, and also reduce the bacteria that causes the condition. We can treat earlier stages of gum disease with a process called root planing and scaling, where we remove the bacteria above and below your gum line. It’s a non-surgical procedure that can provide great relief for patients suffering from the effects of gum disease. In more serious cases of gum disease, we may opt to use our laser gum therapy. It’s a comfortable, effective way to treat advanced gum disease that requires no sutures or stitches.

No matter the treatment you and your gums require, we will make sure you are comfortable for your periodontal therapy using a local anesthetic and adding antibiotic agents after the process is complete.

Preventing the Recurrence of Gum Disease

After you’ve had your gum disease treatment in Cleburne, it will be vital for you to maintain excellent oral hygiene to prevent its recurrence. The good news is that it’s easy to keep periodontitis away. Good oral care at home -- including brushing for two minutes, twice a day and flossing every day -- combined with regular visits to your dentist will keep your smile healthy for years to come.

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