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Root Canal Therapy - Cleburne, TX

How We Stop the Worst Toothaches

If you have a painful toothache that only seems to be getting worse, then it has likely developed an infection in the “nerve” of the tooth, or dental pulp. This is a bit of soft tissue located inside every tooth, and when it’s exposed to bacteria (either due to a cavity or crack in the enamel), the result is usually a lot of dental pain. Thankfully, root canal therapy from our Cleburne, TX dentist is a proven solution for this problem, and unlike what you’ve seen in the media, it’s actually a virtually painless procedure we use every day to provide much-needed relief.


Why Choose Long Family Dental for Root Canal Therapy?

Why You Shouldn’t Fear a Root Canal

Couple smiling after root canal therapy

If you come to see us and we recommend a root canal, trust that your dental pain will soon be over, not getting worse! Thanks to today’s modern dental techniques, sedation dentistry, and our dental office’s many comforts, our patients report feeling next to nothing during this treatment. Many compare it to getting a small filling!

During the procedure, once you’re numb, we’ll simply remove the damaged pulp, clean the inside of the tooth, fill it, and then rebuild it using a dental crown. Your tooth may feel a little sensitive afterward, but it will be MUCH better than how it was beforehand.

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