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The Effect of Sugary Drinks

August 27, 2013

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Here at Long Family Dental, we have seen several patients this summer with rampant decay.  When asking the patients about some of their dietary habits, one common thread is apparent:  Sipping on sugary drinks throughout the day.

Now, for years most dentists have expressed concerns about too much sugar in a diet and how that can negatively impact the health of teeth.  The truth is dentists are not anti-sugar!   It’s how you consume sugar that has a large impact on your teeth.

Having a soda or Gatorade or energy drink is not the problem.  Sipping on it all day long is the problem. If you crave a sugary drink, have one with a meal, or all in one setting, and then stop.  It’s having the sugar and acid constantly in the mouth all day, little sips at a time that is wreaking havoc and causing massive decay, in some cases on every tooth!

If you must sip on something all day, make it water! Not only is that healthy for your teeth, but has many other health benefits as well!

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