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Links Between Oral Health and Your Body

February 11, 2014

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Are you aware of the links between the health of your mouth and how it relates to the rest of your body?  Many people think the mouth can be ignored unless something hurts.  The truth is that once something is hurting, it has become more extensive and more extensive to treat.  The time to address your oral health is now, when nothing seems to be wrong.

Research has shown time and again there are links between a healthy mouth and overall health.  There are multiple health conditions that can be tied back to gum disease or infection in the mouth.  Heart disease, diabetes, low birth weight and premature birth all have links to gum disease.  The latest research also links rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s to gum disease as well.

If you think of the mouth as a main entry point to the body, it makes sense that the entry way needs to be healthy.  Disease in the entryway can lead to health issues inside the body.  Bleeding gums or bad breath are indicators that gum disease is present.  Seeing the dentist regularly and treating any level of disease that is diagnosed is vital to overall health.

At Long Family Dental, we focus on overall health.  Each patient’s medical history is reviewed in depth by the doctors so a customized treatment plan can be created to treat conditions in the mouth and improve quality of life.  Call today for an appointment and assure your oral health is optimal.

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