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Concerned about Bad Breath?

November 26, 2012

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Many people suffer from bad breath and may not know why. There are several causes from the foods you eat to digestive problems. However, a very common cause is gum disease. If a person has not had their teeth cleaned in a while, there is mostly likely a layer of plaque that has formed and hardened around the base of the tooth. This plaque layer is full of bacteria and has a bad odor. If this hardened plaque layer is not removed, it will become thicker and harder. This is very damaging to the gum tissue and leads to bone loss.

A person cannot remove this hardened plaque layer with their toothbrush, it must be removed by a professional hygienist at the dental office.  Bad breath is a symptom of gum disease, but if gum disease progresses and is not treated, it can lead to severe tooth problems and even tooth loss.  The latest research also indicates there are several health issues linked to gum disease.

Another area that can cause bad breath is the tongue. Many people to do not brush this area and the tongue can collect bacteria that carry an odor. Some people even use a device called a tongue scraper, sold at most pharmacies, to help clean the tongue along with brushing.

So it is important for your overall health to stay current on your professional cleanings. This avoids the problem of bad breath as well as minimizing other health risks.

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