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Gum health closely linked to heart health, says Dr. Long

January 25, 2016

dentist cleburneIf you’ve got gum disease, you know your oral health needs to be restored — but you may not realize that the condition can have a real effect on your overall health, too. And we’re talking about more than just a little bad breath: more and more, research is showing a real link between gum disease, or periodontitis, and serious heart problems. Fortunately, gum disease is easily treated by your dentist in Cleburne at Long Family Dental. Keep reading to learn more about the condition, its effects and how you can reverse it today!

Gum disease can take a toll on your heart health

It’s estimated that 75 percent of American adults over the age of 35 have gum disease — though many may not realize they have the condition until it has reached its late stages. That’s a number we take seriously at Long Family Dental, given the increasing awareness we have surrounding the toll gum disease takes on heart health.

While scientists aren’t exactly sure why the connection between the heart and the gums exists, one thought is that when the gums are weakened due to infection, it’s easier for bacteria to enter the bloodstream — and that bacteria then travels to the heart, causing issues like cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack.

The conclusion to be drawn here is simple: care for your gums and protect your heart health, too.

Preventing gum disease is simple

Fortunately, it’s not so difficult to keep your gums healthy and infection-free. One of the biggest causes of the condition is simply insufficient oral hygiene — so brushing for two minutes, twice a day, flossing daily and visiting your general dentist in Cleburne for regular checkups will go far in protecting you from gum disease.

In addition to maintaining excellent oral hygiene, you can also watch out for these risk factors of gum disease.

  • Kick the habit: Tobacco use of any kind is a leading cause of gum disease.
  • Age: Gum disease risk rises in adults over the age of 35. Make sure you maintain excellent oral hygiene as you age.
  • Medications: Certain medicines can cause dry mouth, which prevents bacteria from being washed away as it should in the mouth. Be aware of side effects of any medications you’re taking, and try to stay extra-hydrated if dry mouth is common.
  • Poor diet. Remember that eating a well-balanced diet with a variety of healthy fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy sources is important for your oral health, too. Protect your gums by giving them all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Seek periodontal therapy in Cleburne at Long Family Dental

If you’re currently suffering from gum disease, please don’t wait to do something about it — your heart health may be at stake. Long Family Dental is proud to provide excellent periodontal therapy for patients dealing with gum disease, so call us to schedule an appointment for you or a loved one today!

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